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Paul Hallas

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Book Review: Creating the Impossible by Chris Wardle and James Ward.

There are perhaps only a handful of books dealing with how to create your own magic. The only one that immediately springs to mind is Fitzkee’s “The Trick Brain” (1944). Thinking harder I can come up with Barry Mitchell’s “The Magic of Thinking Creatively” (2003). So a new book encouraging you to create your own effects and discussing how to go about it is welcomed. Smaller than the aforementioned books, this new entry comes in at just over a hundred pages in an easy to read style, but may be a better investment in the long run that the latest dealer miracle or someone else’s book of tricks.

The book is a collaboration and whilst I am more familiar with some of Chris’s work (I published his very first books) I have heard of James Ward and seen a couple of his contributions in the past. We are informed in this book itself that both are creativity award winners and between them have created several hundred magical effects. Some of that material has been used on T.V. by other performers. I think this pretty much confirms they know what they are writing about.

The authors discuss their individual approaches to creating new material and give a number of examples referred to as ‘case studies’. In fact, the result of one of those case studies I will be making up (I know, it defeats the object of the book).

No reviewer can definitively tell you that you will become a creative powerhouse after reading a book like this but I believe Geoffrey Durham in his foreword sums it up quite well when he says, “Read this book carefully and I believe their ingenuity will start to rub off on you.” We could all do with being a bit more creative.

The book is being distributed by Murphys Magic so your favorite dealer can obtain it for you, price is $30.
Robin Dawes

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Thanks for reviewing this book!
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