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Hi all

so i got engaged about a month ago and i want to have a wedding ring
i want a magnet magician ring of course to make coin tricks etc with it

Does anyone know were can i order a costume made magnet ring? or can i buy a normal ring and add like a magnet strip to it or something?
i looked online and i can only find magnet rings in diffrent size but no custome shape or color.

thanks all. 
Evan S.

Inner Circle
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If you want to customize your own ring just when you need it, you might try Hank Morfin's "Any Ring PK Gimmick."

For a more permanent solution... not sure if they make mag rings, but Gay Blackstone's company does produce jewelry with magicians in mind.

I will say that most of the standard PK rings I've seen look pretty similar to the standard wedding band.

Best of luck!
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