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The illusionist team David & Jenny appeared last night in rural Pike County, Georgia, to help raise funds for the local school band program. I had never heard of the duo, but felt obligated as both a magician and a resident of Pike County, to go and support the show.

The show itself was fair. Stock illusions, including a DeKolta Chair, and stock parlor tricks, including Sands of Egypt, left me bored, but the general audience was jazzed. They were even awed by the opening "warm-up" trick... Something about an elephant in Denmark... David is a juggler, and performed several segments throughout the show juggling balls, clubs, and knives. His juggling was impressive.

Highlights included a topological illusion performed solo by Jenny, and an on-screen card trick performed by David that ended with an impressive Snap Change.

Both David and Jenny demonstrated great energy. David's stage presence is excellent; Jenny's not so much, but it turns out that she is not a native American and that English is a second language. This may contribute to her occasional awkwardness and will no doubt improve over time. David channeled some serious 80s Copperfield - Not necessarily a bad thing as he develops his own stage persona, but obvious to anyone familiar with Copperfield.  

A jaded magician will not be fooled or even entertained by the magic, but as I wrote earlier, the audience of (I'm guessing) 800+ was entranced, especially the children and adolescents. This, I think, because the show felt a great deal like a school or library show rather than a stage production.

I sensed that they had minimal backstage help and did both load-in and load-out themselves. During intermission they sold signed posters and "magic kits" - gold bags containing "three simple tricks" - and I was happy to see a healthy line of audience members lined up to make purchases.

Should they happen to appear in your area, please go and support them. Persistence, combined with their energy and enthusiasm, could carry them far.

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