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Rudy Tinoco

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I've recently purchased Denis Behr's book called, Handcrafted Card Magic and spent some time working on his effect, Plop. It's a way to find any four of a kind called for and have them apparently drop out of the pack.

If you work with Mnemonica you'll love how Denis has come up with a brilliant way to locate any four of a kind in preparation to be culled.

The idea is that when a spectator calls for the aces for example, you'll cut a specific ace to the bottom (ace of diamonds). Denis figured out that the other three cards of any four of a kind are within 26 cards. In the case of the aces, they're at positions 4,8,8.

He's done this for every other 4 of a kind! Do yourself a favor and check it out.


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In Pit Hartlings new book there are a variety of effects which uses this principle, if you like Plop, you will like those!

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