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 would my props be more commercial if less "dark"
 Lighten up 0 0%
 Go with the Dark Side 2 100%
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Inner Circle
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I just got a new phone (with a camera!) and I am snowed in, and you guys are a captive audience (so to speak ) so it is show and tell time!

Again I love magic ...  But I tend to be more introverted and a prop maker then an actual magi.  LOL

So it is always nice to get your input if you are willing...

That said here is my take on the black art principle....   My understanding is that it is usually done with black velvet and paint. I took on magic as hobby because I was broke and could make many items I couldn't afford to buy. I bring it up because velvet is so expensive. I also got some super dark pigment paint... which is really cool but rather delicate. Further more noticed you get the best results if you pair up your background and covert piece in the same material.

My answer to all the above is felt.  It is cheap and easy to work with...  and if you slap a coat of polypropylene on it, it will harden and pebble like a textured plastic! This uneven texture breaks up light and blends into shadows like death itself! 

Yet to confirm it but I think water based works best!

Here are some pictures I have done using this technique...    (< You can have "it" but I'd like credit!)

Pls realize the lighting in the pics is not best suited for BLACK ART.
The best is a dark room with a back lit bright light to create the necessary shadows required.
A) Skully looking rather dapper!...  Jaw works.
20190217_134033_resized.jpg  The hat itself...   I has a magnet in the base to grab your "shadowed props"20190217_134039_resized.jpg The top part of the hat and the rim are lipped (see bottom pic) ...  to hide small items.
You can Hide a large item outside the hat as long as you don't exceed the outline when backlighted.20190217_134527_resized.jpg   Oh Yeah...  Skully was tucked in and hidden in the hat in all the previous pictures waiting to appear. 20190217_134340_resized.jpg   

Here is a both sides of a "shadowed" prop... 
If you use a squirt ring you can really throw people a loop with the toy gun.
20190217_143459_resized.jpg I took Skully in this hat to show that you can do the same technique in "living color" too.
BTW the red fez will slip inside the top hat so you can mix pancake batter in your hat...
and then ditch it or wot ever, kind of handy.
Finally a close up of a load can... if you line the opening with wire your magnet can grab it...
The real trick is - if you cut a strip & then treat it. b/c of the texture it becomes super "gripable".
(see upper pic!)

I have to go get some work done...  Thanks for viewing - Hope you enjoyed it!


As for the poll - I have gotten a lot of criticism that my pieces are too dark and scary. For me I LOVE Halloween but much of the world seems to liken Magic to witchcraft already.   Your thoughts?


Inner Circle
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I'm excited to see darker props being made.  I too enjoy Halloween but it seems there are so few good props for the season despite it being the best holiday for magic.  I was on penguin magic just last night looking for ideas for this coming Halloween and found the selection to be disappointingly familiar.  If you come up with any good table hopping size props with a darker theme, please let me know; I would love to see them.
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