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This is a great effect: A spectator names any card in a borrowed and shuffled deck, behind their back they reverse a single card in the deck, which turns out to be their named card!

I'm not asking for exposure or discussion of the method. I own and have watched the teaching video for this trick (link), in which Mark teaches two different methods to do this, and have posted a detailed review of it here on TMF previously (link). I'm just trying to get some sense of which of the two methods people are using and prefer.

The official video demo (immediately below) uses Method #2 in both the performance shown by Mark Calabrese and shown by Chris Ramsay (the latter is heavily edited).

Method #1, which you can see in another demo video (below), requires you to do some dirty work by a moment of `confusion' when the spectator has the deck in his hands. But it has the advantage that you can let the spectator do all the handling of the cards including the final reveal, and you don't end `dirty'.

I'm just not convinced about the one moment you need to get by your spectator with Method #1, and suspect that most people who do this trick prefer Method #2?

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