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I want to start by saying that I have been a fan of Chris Rawlins for a very long time. Although I don't use much of his material in my work, I love his thinking and will buy pretty much anything with his name on it. That being said, I held off on buying this download out of fear it was the same method- I even skipped watching the trailer. Today, I saw that there was a price drop. I went ahead and got it and thought I would leave my initial thoughts for you all!

Effect: The effect is simple and does get good reactions from the spectators. One participant selects a card and another participant is able to find it with their intuition.  

Opinions on the Old Method: I love the old method and have multiple original uses for it. It does use a technique some mentalists wouldn't be comfortable using; I have had no problems these last three years finding interesting uses. You are not capable of doing the effect 1-on-1, but you are granted a lot of freedom of how you use the idea. 

Opinions on the New Method: This method is super simple to understand and within an hour of learning this, you should be able to do this without any problem. You are more limited than the old method. You have to use a deck of cards. The deck also has to be introduced by you. That being said, the effect looks much cleaner. You also can perform in 1-on-1 situations (which I did after an hour of learning this). 

What I like: So after learning this, I went and performed this for a friend. They were blown away and said that this was the best thing I've shown them in years. So not only is it super easy to learn and perform- it blows people away. I also think the method can be used in some interesting ways if you put some creativity into it. I also love the video of all the live performances. Although Chris may not be the most charismatic performer in the world, you can see his participants light up when the reveal happens. 

What I don't like: Honestly- the strength of the effect counters out any of my reservations about this effect. That being said, there are a few considerations you need to make if you want to put this into your repertoire. The only thing I didn't like has nothing to do with Chris or the actual effect. The ad copy says that "Not only will you learn the reputation maker DROP CARD, you will also learn a couple of extra bonus effects..." That simply isn't true. The download only teaches the basic effect. 

Considerations: Firstly, to perform this effect you will have to have a deck specifically made for this effect. This deck (in my mind) is limited in its capacities for other effects, but I believe with some creativity there are other things to do. Secondly, this effect can not be down multiple times for the same group.  This isn't a huge deal because every trick performed twice is a lesson. [wink] Lastly, if you are going to perform this multiple times in a night, you will have to do a little reset. It honestly takes less than a minute and can be done pretty openly. 

Verdict: I like this effect. I will for sure be doing this effect in both my causal and professional work. I honestly can't wait to perform it! That being said I think the method is very limited.  But as Eugene Burger reminded us, every miracle has a price. I'm willing to pay the price for this effect! Chris is a really smart guy and I always look forward to seeing his work. If I had to score it, I would give it an 8/10. 

*Before I forget, don't bother buying the $20 dollar version that comes with the deck. This is something most of you  will have access to and if you don't it is cheap to get.*

"There is art left to be made in this world" - Anthony Bourdain
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