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     Maybe the most popular quote from Mr. Burger is this ............" All magic is about transformation.
The performing magician is telling you that you are the magician in your own life. That you are the agent of transformation - your own transformation. " End quote.
In short, how have you made a transformation through magic?.
 I'll give you mine. When I figured out that the best thing I could share with someone is my joy, thru my magic, that was a transformation for me.
Heck, even Crazyman Handcuff's has a miracle element to it ,if done right. I recall doing Allan Ackerman's Quick Coincidence with a lady about a year ago, then I ran into her just recently and she was still giddy over the was something she'll never forget. Whatever "real" magic is..that might have came close to it. So the question, did the effect cause a transformation with her? The short answer is that I don't know. Just because we can entertain and fool the pants off of our audiences, doesn't mean that they have made a transformation of some kind. I could be wrong of course, maybe Eugene Burger's meaning of the word "transformation" needs clarification..maybe it doesn't. I was never any good at philosophy.
Can you give us an example of someone who has been "transformed", after watching your magic? What is your ultimate goal as a magician?( that would be an interesting place to see where that discussion would lead to ).
Are your audiences more entertained than transformed? Or Vice versa? Are you there for just amusement purposes or are you there to totally amaze your audience, I'd go with amaze every single time..maybe that's what Mr. Burger was eluding to.
What are your thoughts?

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