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Fools of Fortune was published in 1890 and is available for free from The Internet Archive at

In fact, back when Kirtas Books did on demand scanning, I paid for the book to be scanned and I uploaded the PDF to, as shown in the metadata at

This is a huge book containing information on the history of gambling, methods of cheating at dice and cards (including a bunch of material on cheating at Faro), descriptions of crooked carnival games, gold brick scams, confidence games, a description of how bunco was played, and a bunch of stories.

If you're into any of these subjects then you will find this book interesting.  The bunco description starting on page 326 is particularly fascinating.  This is not the dice game that churches use as a fund raiser these days.  It's the game that police "bunco squads" were named after.  It's the reason why the word "bunco" became synonymous with swindles.  It's sort of like a version of the Razzle Dazzle carnival game played with dice, where the victim is led to believe that he has almost won, and is kept there while his bets are increased and he ends up losing everything that he has.
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This link seems to get the pdf.

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