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Something really amazing happened for me while reading the May 2020 issue of The Linking Ring. I usually practice "moves" while watching TV at night. The coin practice always include the muscle pass (standard) and the fingertip muscle pass (Kainoa Harbottle). I am not even sure exactly why I always practice these moves. It's just almost habit for me now. I think it was for Kainoa's "Table Hopper's Quattro" routine.

Anyway...I was reading through LR and got to the Parade section. I sometimes find gems in this part of the mag. In that section I got to a coin trick, which always catches me since coins are how I started and continue to be a big part of my magic repertoire. It's called "Strange Attraction" by Brian Roberts.

Imagine my delight when this trick STARTED with a fingertip muscle pass! Then the next part of the trick is a standard muscle pass (though laterally, not "up, which is much MUCH easier to do). I was thrilled. Then came another delightful surprise - it's a copper/silver routine! I was literally just looking through some material for a copper/silver routine like the week before.

I learned this routine rather quickly (likely because I already knew how to do all the sleights required) and it is now in my coin repertoire. And it's one of those awesome coin tricks that doesn't require a table - another bonus.

I love this little routine. I have not been able to perform it for actual humans yet :-P. But that will happen soon I hope. I'll let folks know how it goes over. 

If you get the Linking Ring, love coin tricks, and can do the fingertip muscle pass as well as a standard MP, i HIGHLY recommend looking into this routine.

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