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Inner Circle
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Had a guest over to the house, for the first time in 5 months, my brother. I hadn't seen him for like 6 months. He came over for some cucumbers and other spare veggies I'm growing out back in the garden -- Marketmore cucumber plants sure produce a lot cucumbers per plant BTW!

Anyways, I showed him 5 magic routines and nailed them all.. each one blew his mind! I started with Turbo Stick (a new trick I have just recently gotten) and then did four Memdeck routines.

The first Memdeck routine I did was my Invisible Deck (UltraMental) routine -- see The Session Room sub-forum for details on how I do this trick and explanation of sleight.

I then did Mnemonicosis. I "shuffled" the deck (GW Hunter with bottom card breathered as the break instead of injog or finger break). I ask him to think of a card while I shuffled. Then I "read his mind" and "put a card in particular location". Put them back in the box. I then asked him to name the card now that they were safe in the box away from my hands, and he said "4 of clubs" (card 20 in Reford stack I was using). I immediately said, "I knew it!" as I was starting to calculate the sum of letters in his full name combined with 2 or 4 digit year of birth 😉 . I then had him spell to his card with his FIRST+MIDDLE+LAST NAME + 4 DIGIT BIRTH YEAR. This got him to card 19. I had him stop and told him "I shuffled the deck, you thought of a card, I made the prediction and put them in the box before you even told me the card you were thinking of. You took the cards out of the box, it's your card, it's your name.. and he turns it over and it is there". It blew his mind! He said he really loved this one because it's so hands off.

Third Memdeck routine I did was Patrick Redford's "What's the Catch?".  Had him name any card, and I took the cards out of the box and  I placed the deck of cards out on table in front of him and asked him to keep me honest and give the deck a cut about middle and complete. I then said "would you be amazed if I dribbled these cards, with my eyes closed and head turned, and stopped on your card?" I did it and it was easy..stopped right on it. He was amazed.

Lastly I did Asi Wind's ACAAN. He said 5 of spades (card 46 in redford). I asked him for number between 1 and 45. He said 17. I did the box shift at 7 of spades (card 29). He counted and I had him stop on card 16. I recapped that i shuffled the deck, put the prediction in the box before he told me the card, and that he is the one counting.. etc.. again he loved it.

He asked me if I could come over and do magic show for family and friends once the pandemic has died down, and I said yes, absolutely. 😉

I've done a magic show before at his home for family and friends but it wasn't any memdeck stuff back then.. it was tricks like hand sandwich, chicago opener, ACR etc..

Anyways it's nice to be able to do some memdeck magic for someone in person instead of always over the webcam!


Inner Circle
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Awesome! Would love to be your audience!
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