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Wayne T

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I had a buddy coming over to session/jam with and I had been trying a few things with a Stripper Deck that I though I would try and fool him with. Well it seems I might have had a couple too many refreshments because when I started my trick I picked up the wrong deck.

Needless to say trying to find the selected card was impossible, and a couple of retries I finally realized my mistake. It made for a great laugh and reason to have a couple more drinks.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

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Too funny!  If you ever get the chance, there is a video of an Ed Marlo lecture that was done is the St. Louis area in the 1980's I believe.  The reason I bring it up is that he demonstrates a "fake stripper deck" move.  Marlo worked at a magic shop in Chicago for a time.  It was called The Treasure Chest and his customers were a mix of magicians and wannabees.  Marlo had a terrific sense of humor (contrary to the way he is sometimes portrayed) and he did this thing for the wise-guys that would frequent the shop.  He would pick up a deck of cards and openly reverse a card and then strip it out.  Sometimes he would demonstrate a trick with the deck, ostensibly using the "stripper" principle, or he would simply reverse some cards and strip them out all the while talking to the customer.  He would then set the deck down in front of them and walk away to get something or wait on someone else.  The magician, thinking it was a gaffed deck would pick it up and reverse a card, thinking they were going to strip it out just like Ed did, except they couldn't!  It was a straight deck.  They were stunned.  Ed demonstrates the technique on the video and it looks perfect, just exactly like the deck is stripped.  But it is not.
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