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Garrett Thomas is someone who definitely gets the neurons firing. Yesterday I decided to take a look through the notes I have taken over the last few years and came across the following:

"Why would you stop a person to show them anything?"

Considering this question, and taking the time to answer it, is of great benefit as it can help us understand our purpose for sharing magic with others.  For me magic is a two way interaction where the audience and myself can experience a perception twist, and make a true connection which allows both of us a magical moment to enjoy - I often leave the participant with a memento of some kind, perhaps a strange coin, an unusual stone, or a signed playing card.

In the past I've had people come up to me years later and comment on their lucky coin, or produce the signed card from their wallet telling me how special it has become to them over the years.  The amazing thing to me is they remember who I am; in most cases I only spent 5 minutes with them, having never met them prior to performance - this just goes to show what a powerful impact magic can have on people, and how they cherish the experience.

Garrett Thomas has given me another chance to review why I choose to stop people in order to show them something.  My answer to his question is evolving, and long may this journey continue.
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