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Barrett S

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I just have to mention Glenn. I've gotten to know him very well this year. He's a gem.

Glenn is the kind of professional who can adapt his style to what is required -instantly.

If you acquire a routine of his, he's there for you.

So... I consider myself fortunate to have found Glenn through his OHTP. And I know that others feel the same way.

I never blow sunshine... Glenn is the real deal.

Lot's of folks here have migrated from another forum... and Glenn is all over that one. So... now he's here.

Check him out and I bet you'll be pleased.

Mike Powers

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I second the motion for Glenn. I have his Alien Ring routine which I saw him do at the Magi Fest. It's fantastic! I also have two or three DVDs of Glenn's material. His work on the Rub-A-Dub is awesome. Watch a video of him doing this move.

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