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This is a terrific Harry Lorayne move, not be confused with "The Ultra Move". It allows you to switch one or multiple cards in a very natural way. Harry devised it as a replacement for The Curry Turnover Change. You only have to hold a pinkie break and you can switch one or more cards. It's described in Apocalypse, Vol 10, No 5.

Harry does not use the move as a Turnover Change, but switch the cards in the action of moving them from place to the other.

I use this utility sleight in quite a few of my effects as it is very versatile. I also use it as a straight replacement for the Curry Turnover Change, as the cards can be switched while being turned over if you wish.

Here's an effect where it could be used. Rudy performs a Paul Gordon effect, "Wowzer!"  in this thread and asks for some ending alternatives.

I have tried the following handling a couple of times and the effect was very well received, though I must admit it does not look much like the original anymore.

Setup the royal flush in spades, minus the King, to the bottom of the deck.

Force the KS like in the original. Pay attention to where the KS ends up in the 5 card hand formed by the spectator.

Get the packet of 5 cards from the spectator and shuffle it so as to position the KS 4th from top and demonstrate the DUD demonstrated in that thread with two cards. That’ ll leave the KS second from top, ready for the force.

Hand the packet back to the spectator and while s/he’s doing the DUD, pick up the deck face-up but without showing the bottom card and obtain a left pinkie break under the 4 spades cards. A pinkie count’s perfect here.

Before the KS is revealed, move the 4 discarded cards away and switch them for the 4 royal flush cards, saying something like : “we don’t need these for now …” and execute the switch while asking the spectator to name his/her card and reveal it. (I actually perform a variation of mine here.)

You can use the same patter as in the original for the climax, with the added element of surprise when you cleanly turn over the 4 other royal flush cards.

Anyway, this was just to show case a terrific sleight that I don't see used very often.

Harry Lorayne

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    You know the cliché - put it in print and it's well hidden. That move (which was/is) in the May 1987 issue of APOCALYPSE), my The Ultimate Move - is also explained/taught in my current book, ONLY MY APOCALYPSE, along with all my other contributions over the twenty years. 

   One of the main points/reasons I wrote ONLY MY APOCALYPSE is so that people (who cared) who didn't have the original APOCALYPSE issues/volumes or didn't want to search through twenty years of stuff to find my stuff - would have that "stuff" on a platter (so to speak).
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