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Rick Franceschini

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In professional situations we are typically equipt with a set or sets for our performances.  However, how do you decide what you are going to show folks in impromptu settings?  I have effects and stand-byes that I've been using for years, but still find that when I'm asked to perform I struggle a bit in what I'd like to share.  How do you decide?

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Go with what you know best and like to perform. 
If you're having a good time, that tends to be infectious and others wind up having a good time. 
If you're uncomfortable and struggling through a trick due to difficulty of sleights or forgetting a move or whatever, it affects your audience. 

Also, if tends to be a situation that crops up more than once in a blue moon - prepare for it. 
Do it right now. Someone just asked you if you could show them some magic. 
What will you perform? 
Will it just be one piece of magic? Two? Three or more? 
Do you need anything to accomplish this bit of magic like a deck of cards? What if you don't have a deck of cards? 

Some magicians load their wallets with what seems like a full 90 min show. 
Others carry a small "gig" bag with them. 
Some always have a deck of cards on them or some coins. 
Decide what you want to perform and how you will ensure you have the props you need if the occasion calls for you to perform. 

Me, all I need is something to write with and something to write on - and I'm set. 
But, I just learned Meir Yedid's Six to One dice routine and now keep a casino die with me in my pocket -  1. to practice 2. to show and give away when the occasion arises. 
It's a fun routine and I give the die away just like Meir said he does as well. 

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Yeah so depends on the setting but i tend to have one or two effects i may do if the demand is high enough.


Just set aside some time now to decide what would be good for you, give yourself something quick and bangin' that you can do and maybe something that requires only borrowed items, I know I mentioned it in a mentalism thread months ago but Max Mavens 5 coin Equivoque is rather excellent and all you need are five supposedly borrowed coins. 

Mind Phantom

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If this would be like a performance "on the spot", I would go with a couple of verbal forces ala Kreskin you know, " I am thinking of a number from 1 to 50.."

Then I could do Doug Dyment's Sign Language and then maybe If I could get my hands on a borrowed deck I would do Stigmata. and do Stigmata or PK Touches as a closer.

It would be easy for me to do because that's the only effects I can do on the spot. I would have to cull the force card. These effects matches my personality.

It's good to know 3 or 4 effects that you can do with no props on you just in case something like this pops up.


PS; Sorry I didn't noticed that this was in the card section of the forum. But the same process is at play at here...I do a few tricks that I do all the time now, just off the top of my head I would do Maximum Risk/ Ortiz, Quick Coincidence/ Ackerman and maybe Liars Poker/Ortiz as a closer.

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Paco Nagata

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Originally Posted by EVILDAN
Go with what you know best and like to perform

I think that this is the perfect answer for the question.

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