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Inner Circle
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Hello there, mind-reading book readers.

I am happy to announce that next week (hopefully) my new book featuring, shall we say, "unique?" mentalism effects will be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. It's my largest book to date - I bought a thesaurus (or some other book with the same meaning).

The ebook version can be instant downloaded at the usual suspect sites. A physical book made with real paper (!!!) will be available in a couple of months. 

I don't know if the material will ever reach real the level that Harry calls "the good stuff," but I can assure you the material is at least "stuff".

Here's the advertising blurb (if I haven't scared you away already...)

INFLUENCE-ENZA by Michael Breggar

Imagine you are a chicken.

Oh, lucky you. You don’t have to cluck like a chicken even once to get this collection of mentalism effects. Unique, twisted and methodologically easy, Michael Breggar turns from his monthly “Auto-Magic” column in The Linking Ring to bring you mentalism-y effects your audiences will remember…long after you’ve awakened them from their trances. Or, as in Michael’s case, long after he’s awakened them. Period.

Marc DeSouza writes (from the Foreword)…

“Michael Breggar has made it his mission to create really entertaining presentations for some great mental effects. To create simple, entertaining mental miracles that are sleight-free so you can concentrate on pleasing your audiences… ok, get your mind out of the gutter, I mean letting them be a part of a fun, yet very strong magical experience. Michael has authored three previous books that focus primarily on card magic, following the precepts of his “Auto-Magic” column in The Linking Ring magazine. Now, he has chosen to tackle an entire tome of effects with a distinctively mental flavor, and they are certainly not all card tricks. Not only are the premises interesting and humorous, but they use a variety of objects, like dice, fortune cookies and Legos, that are certain to keep even the most jaded audiences fully engaged.

“By taking the “no sleight” route, most effects become process heavy. Michael has created premises and presentations that take what is normally an ordeal and makes the ride as good as the climax. Dare to break out of the world of dreary mentalism. Have your participants take a psychic romp in a hospital nursery, create some sick and twisted fortune cookies, pretend its Oscar Night and have your audiences pick some winners, play poker with a Martian and even witness a fistfight between Martin Gardner and Dai Vernon!”

You’ll be the cerebellum of the ball when you perform these effects! So, open up both brain hemispheres, damn the puns and full spine ahead! We’ll meet you on the (brain)stem!

Influence-Enza – a Nick Trost effect takes a few hairpin turns with your audience driving under your influence! From a shuffled deck of cards, two spectators create three piles of face-down cards in front of little signs marked 1, 2 and 3. A third spectator removes a card sight unseen from the balance of the deck and seals it in an envelope safe from any sleighty hands. Free choice? Not quite. You have managed to influence the spectators so that the number of red and black cards in each of the three piles exactly match what’s written inside each of the little signs! And little sign #3 also has the name of the card sealed away in the envelope!

A Day at the Hospital – Using the principles described in Influence-Enza, your three spectators correctly sort out boy and girl babies into three separate nurseries. You have also managed somehow to influence the selection of a name for the hospital administrator’s new baby!

If It’s Good Enough for Bill Murray – How about this: an entertaining and highly effective three phase routine with ESP cards! This is definitely not your average Ghostbuster’s matching card effect!

Drawing on Emotions (ReDOnE) – Michael revisits one his most talked about effects from his book The Five Roads to Vegas. It has been restructured to work in all venues. A drawing duplication without a drawing? It really seems like real mind-reading.

Another Day in Para-Dice – Revised from the “Auto-Magic” column, you divine the total of three dice thrown. Twice.

Gardner and Berg Walk into a Bar and Get into a Fight with Vernon and Don AlanWhat starts out as a fabulous “Do-as-I-Do” effect ends up with two extraordinary finales. An impossible centerpiece effect. Unless, of course, you are a psychic!

Award Season – A trip to Hollywood where you, the mysterious mind-reader, deduce the Academy Award winning movie merely thought of by the startled spectator.

Never Play Poker with a Martian ­– You reveal that Martians are great poker players because they supernaturally influence which cards are dealt to, and played by, the other players. You demonstrate this by Martianally influencing your helper into dealing a royal flush under impossible – and impossibly funny - conditions.

Unfortunate Cookie – An update of one of the most popular effects from Michael’s Linking Ring column. Your assistant is given 25 fortune cookie fortunes. They are all rather dark and macabre except for the one your helper selects by pure chance.

The ACAAN Deck - Yep. This is the real McCoy. The spectator names a card and then a number. They then deal down to that number from a deck untouched by you. And, there’s their card. Works cleanly 80% of the time. Built in outs cover the other 20%. You’ll make up this gaffed deck once, but you will use it forever.

Counter Fits - Your volunteer is given the psychic power to discern real from counterfeit money. They get to keep the bills they identify, so they better be right! Did I mention the bills are sealed in opaque envelopes?

(L)Ego Trip – An unbelievable closer. Your helper merely thinks of a typical Lego object (such as a simple car, airplane, house, cat, etc.) and you assemble it. Without even looking at the Lego blocks! And the kicker is nothing short of impossible!

What are you waiting for? A written electroencephalogram?


Robin Dawes

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It sounds great Michael!  Congratulations!

Can you let us know when it becomes available?
Anthony Vinson

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Okay, I think it's cool to tip this: I was fortunate to have been offered a sneak-peek between the electronic covers of Mike's latest book, and it's another winner! As an unashamed fan of Mike's work, I was initially irritated to discover that he'd already churned out a follow-up to his last, Dancing With the Cards. How can one man generate so much quality material in such a short period of time?! Creative genius? Or perhaps he took his deck down to the crossroads one misty midnight... Either way, the material is strong, the instructions clear, and the writing is, well, funny and fun to read. Mike, if this ain't the good stuff, it doesn't exist! 

I have no idea how much this ebook will cost, but it'd be a bargain at twice the price. 


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Inner Circle
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Thanks for the kind words, AV. I suspect you've been sniffing kitty litter.

The book is even funnier now that I corrected all those typos! 

It will be sold on Penguin, BBM and Kaymar Magic to start. They have been very kind and helpful to me in the past. I have also been thinking about selling it at a 25% discount if ordered directly through me. I mean, it's an ebook!! How tough can fulfillment be???

I'll post a note when this thing is ready.

Meanwhile ....
Here's the cover


Tom G

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Looks interesting.
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