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Paul Hallas

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I must admit I had not heard of this and came across it by accident on Amazon. A review praised it and thought it better than some other DVD's recently released with the same subject matter, the reviewer couldn't understand why it was not talked about more. I was semi-interested having met Kris Nevling several years ago at Kutztown convention in PA. It's on the web at various prices but when I came across it again on E-bay for $10 I bit the bullet. 

The copyright date on the DVD was 2009 so it actually pre-dates the recent crop of DVD's on similar subject matter from Big Blind Media etc. Those I never purchased, not really a big DVD person anyway, plus looking at the contents already knew most of the content anyway.

I remember being a bit miffed decades back when Mike Ammar started giving away the good stuff it had taken me years to discover on his "Easy To Master Card Miracles" series of tapes (then DVD's). The current trend is similar but with card magic that has no moves at all. And so it goes..

But back to THIS DVD. It DOES contain some strong material that is easy to do. But..the main gripe is crediting and effect names. If the effects had been titled correctly I wouldn't have bought it as once again I would have been familiar with a lot of the content from years ago!

For example,  the effects titled "Impossible" and "Impossible ver.2" are two versions of "Out of This World", the second version being the impromptu one. ""Royal Triumph" is actually John Bannon's "Play it Straight Triumph", "The Gambler" is a slight variation on David Regal's "Ten Second Poker Deal" (in his book "Close Up and Personal"), another routine I recognized as a Pit Hartling routine, "Open Prediction" is pretty much Jenning's "Prefiguration" etc.

It would have been nice if permission had been sought (often it is granted) and correct crediting used. Because of this it throws into doubt or overshadows anything that may have been original on the DVD. Kris Nevling DOES have some original ideas and I'm sure he has some of his own little touches on these effects. I liked "Match Maker" a version of "Matching The Cards" (the version where the entire deck ends up in pairs) which here is a three phase routine. Martin Nash used to close his card set with a matching routine like this and I recall playing around with this type of effect as a teenager. 

Because of the crediting issues and use of some material without permission I cannot with a clear conscience recommend this DVD, which is a shame, but having thrown out the correct names for at least some of the routines the reader can seek out the effects from other sources and this DVD can remain in the shadows. 

At least with the new John Bannon DVD's  the effects are not being recycled as with these other DVD's.
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