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KC Cameron

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email me @ **********************

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Hi KC!

Welcome to TMF. This "sales" area is for Inner Circle Members as it is clearly stated here.

In order to reach that status, one has to be an active member here and the way to do it is by introducing oneself and participating around TMF by answering and asking questions regarding magic and if you do that, you'll become an Inner Circle Member in no time. 

Inner Circle members, as it was meant originally, are members who have reached 100 meaninful posts within TMF (and this is your first post and it is meant to be for something you are trying to buy or sell); people have reached that status much sooner because Rudy, our founding member, sees that members are here to really help other members and participate a lot with meaningful posts so he gives them that new status before reaching 100 posts. So we encourage you to introduce yourself in the appropriate section and start participating in the different threads around here and in no time you will become an Inner Circle Member. 

We also encourage you to read TMF's Guidelines, here

Your post will be edited and when you become an Inner Circle member, you will be able to post in this area. 

So, welcome again and see you around!

TMF Moderator

Magic is Within...
Rudy Tinoco

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Well done!! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Thanks Luis.


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