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I thought this was worth posting if Aanyone is not on their mailing list. They are offering 60% off on the following books with free shipping:

Award Winning Magic of John Cornielius                    
Flash Point Full Tilt Ed Marlo                                         
L.I.N.T. John Luka                                                     
My Canes and Candles Fantasio                            
Magic Menu Years 1-5 Jim Sisti                               
Magic Menu Years 6-10 Jim Sisti                              
Miracle Material Kaminskas                                     
Extending Magic Beyond Credibility John Booth    
The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel                              
Son Of Simon Simon, Simon Lovell                         
The Legacy of Don Alan                                            
Hard-Boiled Mysteries Bruce Cervon                                   
Come a Little Closer by John Derris                         
Chronicles #2, More Lost Inner Secrets Vernon      
Chronicles # 4, He Fooled Houdini Vernon             
Stanyon's Magic                                                        
Dai Vernon's Tribute To Nate Leipzig                                  
Al Schneider Magic by Al Schneider                         
Gary Brown, Coney Island Fakir                               
The Chronicles by Fulves                                          
Complete Ganson Magic Teach In                           
Sleight Of Mouth Harry Allen 

To get the discount write "BOOKS" in the comments section of the order form. I have no idea how long the sale runs.

If you haven't got John Luka's terrific L.I.N.T here's your chance for $12 delivered. Some really good items here if you need and want them.

Just passing it along, no need for any snark if you are so inclined.



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