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Inner Circle
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video review:

The original Celebrity Presage was ingeniously created in 2011 by Magician Mike Maione, and it has now been completely remade into one of the finest book tests - with greatly improved handling (perfection!) and all new capabilities. 

This is not your granddad’s book test. In fact, this totally realistic paperback of celebrity quotes & stories utilizes a POWERFUL secret method, The Perfect Page Numbering System, a devilish newly revised forcing system. Combined with an insanely precision paper manufacturing (pages cut to 1/32"), you will hold in your hands a book test like no other. 

This book is the result of a collaboration between Magician Mike Maione and Brett Barry, with some last-minute tweaks to add even more horsepower!

Have fun and go blow some minds.

RELEASE AT MAGIC LIVE 2019 - preorders on sale now at HOCUPOCUS / SATURN MAGIC




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Inner Circle
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I love book tests...this looks great! I really want to pre-order Celebrity Presage. However, using a "pretend" book (magic shop prop) makes it difficult for me to take the plunge and purchase. Real pages and binding does in fact qualify this as a "book", but lets say a spectator wants to purchase this at their local book store after the show because the premise of the contents interests them...they will soon realize this book does not exist outside the realm of a magic shop website.

I get it...we magicians can get jazzed when a well thought out approach is taken with a classic in magic. Bells and whistles have always been a staple when selling a it an automobile, or as in this case, a book test. By all appearances, Celebrity Presage will impress many magicians with its over-abundance of secret forces and gimmicked chicanery, but at the end of the day the magicians who focus on their presentation will get away with book tests using regular books (books with titles spectators are familiar with) and methods that can be considered "outdated" when forcing a page and/or word. Some say these magicians are a dying breed...gosh I hope not!!!

That being said, Celebrity Presage will sell like proverbial hot cakes (If the truth be told...I am still tempted despite my previous stated reservation). If the effect helps launch the career of an up and coming magician, or simply amuses a hobbyist with the deviousness of it's methods, the creators have done their job. Bravo for them!

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