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Magic Review: Euna Dollar Set by Sans Minds 

EUNA, the first speed coin created for visual coin magic. 

Modern coin magic has shifted toward visual mystery that people can see. With popular social media platforms, magic artists with their insane visuals can be seen by the whole world overnight. 

Built from scratch. EUNA not only has the perfect weight, size, color, thickness, texture, and design for modern artists, it carries one special property that no other coins offered in the past. It's designed to be FRICTION-FREE to for visual coin techniques. 

40mm in diameter and 2mm thin. Although modern coin magic has shifted toward using less coins for visual clarity, a few of these large coins will provide enough visuals to stun spectators. 

The best part is that it is still heavy enough to feel like a real coin. No more arcade vibe coins! 




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David, I couldn't agree more about using "fake" or at least unrecognizable coins.  There are so many companies imitating U.S. coinage these days you would think that it might have been an option.  With slight modification of the design I'm sure they would have been legal.  I don't find the coins particularly appealing at all.  Maybe in person they are more impressive.

But as usual, a great review.  You tells it like it is.
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