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Inner Circle
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magic review

HYBRID is the first of its kind to surface in the magic community. Imagine being able to borrow a dollar bill and have it signed by the spectator on both the front AND the back. Punch a hole in the bill and cause the hole to move across the face of the bill, with a flick, it jumps back again. The bill is then healed and handed back to the spectator unharmed! Did we mention there's no bill switch?... there's no bill switch.

  • Bill is borrowed and signed
  • No switches or duplicates
  • No refills needed
  • No threads
  • Each gimmick is hand built to last for THOUSANDS of performances
  • Gimmick comes fully built and ready to use
  • 2 second reset



Dave Campbell

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Been ruminating on this since you posted.

I'm a sucker for moving holes because of 2 Mikes --- Michael Close "Pothole" -- love the heck out of that, and Mike Powers' "Holy Terror" and "Holy Terror II" -- so I pulled the trigger on it this morning...

Great review, thanks!


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