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Video review

You take a very nice watch off your wrist and let your spectator examine it. The watch displays the current time. You can even pull out its stem and play with the time setting if you like. 

You say you are setting the watch to a predicted time. After setting it, you let the spectator hold the watch by the end of the strap, with the watch face turned away from them. You never touch the watch again. 

You now ask the spectator to first call out ANY hour. Then you ask the person to call out ANY minute which together result in a time of day. 

After doing so, the spectator slowly turns the watch around by himself. The face of the watch is set to their time! 

No force. Can be predicted anytime and anywhere. 
Easy to do. No sleight of hand. 
Remote control. No magnets. 
Absolutely examinable before and after the performance. 
Fully functional watch that really keeps accurate time even though you have turned the gimmick off. 
Real stem that can be pulled out to set the watch. 
The measurement of the watch is 40mm and the thickness is 9.6mm. 
High quality quartz watch with genuine leather strap and stainless-steel watchcase. 
Watch is waterproof for up to 30 meters.



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