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video review

This is a prediction of an entire license plate with audience involvement! 

The magician shows different numbers and letters on a license plate-style pad. The combinations are endless. 

One or several spectators choose freely, a letter or number at a time, to create a unique license plate. 

Magically, the magician then reveals a metal license plate that matches the chosen one exactly! 

This can be themed as either the magician knowing ahead of time what license plate would be created by the audience, or the audience has some special ability to predict the license plate hidden by the magician! 

What you will get?
  • A special pad, with numbers and letters that resemble the license plate that is chosen by spectators. Includes: polyester sheets, very resistant, to last many years. Rigid back cover for easier handling. Spiral binding so the sheets slide easier. Semitransparent front cover
  • An aluminum license plate, replica of the original
  • Access to instructions and presentation suggestions



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