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I had a great moment this weekend. While staying at a beach house on the Oregon coast there was a family staying in a house a few houses away and their kids were out front selling lemonade. Naturally I bought some lemonade because how could I not? The next day they were back out there but instead of selling lemonade they were yelling, “Magic Tricks for 25 cents!” I had to see what this about. My kids and I headed over to check it out.

The kids had a “deck of cards” that was actually two old worn out decks mixed together with lots of missing cards and duplicate cards. I gave them a quarter and they did a trick where I selected a card, they put it in the deck, mixed it up and then pulled it back out. For 8-year-olds, it was pretty good!

So then I asked them if I could show them a magic trick. I used their deck and performed Whispering Queen. It blew their minds. Then I performed Double X (sharpie trick) for them and they went crazy.

Their parents had come out and we chatted about my magic show. In the background I saw the kids with a sharpie of their own drawing an x on their hands and trying to pull it off like I did.

This is the most magical I’ve ever felt.

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