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Robin Dawes

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I just received this email from The Browser's Den in Toronto ... I'm posting it here for the benefit of anyone who might be interested.  I will be going - looking forward to possibly meeting other TMF-ers in the Toronto region.

Michael Close Lecture - August 13, 2017

Magic Theory, or Magic Fact? Let's Find Out.


Date & Time: Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Location: Browser's Den of Magic (3220 Dufferin St. Unit 19A)

Ticket Price: $20.00
(Free for 2017 VIP Bash Attendees. Please call to let us know you want to attend)
To Purchase a ticket please
Click Here or Call 416-783-7022 


Dear Magic  Friends,

All of us here at 'Browser's Den' hope that all is well with you and yours.
Thank you very  much for the wonderful reaction to last week's eflyer  about the Michael Close lecture.
For those  of you who have not yet decided to attend his talk below is a small sample of reasons why we hope you will join us.   You will be happy that you did. And your audiences will be happy too.
"Michael Close made my national television debut on Penn & Teller: Fool Us a huge success! When I landed in Vegas, Michael brought me to his room and we worked out how I would perform a piece of close-up magic from my working repertoire into the best eight minutes of the series.

"Truthfully, I must attribute a lot of my success on the program to Michael Close. His intuitive understanding of how to adapt magic for television audiences is a huge asset for anyone aiming to perform on television. The lines we created together are so good they have effectively replaced my old script for the piece. Lastly, the most profound element of the effect, having a spectator interlace her fingers for the Oil & Water routine, was Michael’s suggestion. I cannot recommend Michael Close highly enough and would be lucky to collaborate with him again." Mahdi Gilbert

"What a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to work with Michael Close as a magic consultant on season three of Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Michael worked with me on Unshuffled, a routine I have been doing for over forty years. His input played a major role in helping me add a new five-second kicker ending, creating a new moment of magic that actually fooled Penn & Teller – with a trick they already knew the secret to.

"While Michael Close has extensive knowledge of magic methods and routines (he is one of the most respected magicians in our field), what impressed me most was his exceptional ideas on scripting and timing that ensured my new piece of magic had the most impact possible. His advice and input about my presentation was critical; he added the right beats to the routine, which was something I could not have worked out on my own.

"From innovative methods, to scripting, to presentation and timing, Michael will help you make your next performance more memorable, meaningful, and magical." - Paul Gertner

Some of the topics that Mr. Close will be lecturing on are:

  • What is theory?
  • Your definition of magic
  • The Power of a Real Magician
  • Conviction
  • Assumptions
  • Scripting vs. Not Scripting
  • Who (or What) Has the Power?
  • Control, Repose, and Chaos
  • and much more. (There may even be a trick or two.)

Thank you-Old & Young Jeff, John Cardella, Luiz Castro & Lisa.

Robin Dawes

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This was a theory lecture unlike any I have ever attended, and I feel like I learned more about the science of structuring effective magic in one night than I have since I first read Strong Magic.  Michael lectured and taught for 3 1/2 hours, and stayed around to talk and discuss for another hour after that.  There were about 40 magicians in attendance - Jeff Pinsky confirmed that not one person left before the end of the lecture.

Actually, calling this a theory lecture is misleading - it was a study of concrete, practical methods for improving magical performances - techniques anchored in psychology, stagecraft and even neurology.

I give this my strongest recommendation.  If you have a chance to hear Michael deliver this lecture, go!  If not, pick up his new e-book when he releases it.  I will.

Anthony Vinson

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Sounds like an excellent lecture. Thanks for the review.

Inner Circle
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Sounds Amazing! 
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