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I was chatting with Rudy this afternoon and we got to talking about our magic libraries. When he asked me about mine, I started trying to name things off the top of my head and realized I should probably take stock and write it all down. I was amazed at what I had. I have not even come close to consuming/reading all of these yet. But I thought it would be interesting to post what is in that library of mine. The list includes all forms of media and is in no particular sequence or order. So, Rudy - to answer your earlier question(;-)) ....
  • The Discoverie of Witchcraft (book) - Scott
  • Modern Coin Magic, J.B. Bobo
  • New Modern Coin Magic, J.B. Bobo
  • Modern Coin Magic DVD
  • Introduction To Card Magic, Robert Giobbi
  • Card College 1, Robert Giobbi
  • Card College 2, Robert Giobbi
  • Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic, Mark Wilson
  • Amateur Magician's Handbook, Henry Hay
  • Tarbell Course (original - pdf form)
  • Coin Magic (book) - Richard Kaufman
  • David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic, Richard Kaufman
  • Expert Coin Magic...Made Easy - DVDs
  • Sick - Ponta The Smith
  • Sylvester Pitch - DVD
  • Magic In Mind, Joshua Jay
  • Coins on Edge, Kainoa Harbottle
  • Cointopia, Kainoa Harbottle
  • Opener (video), Kainoa Harbottle
  • The Bachelor Coin (video), Kainoa Harbottle
  • Kainoa Harbottle - Reel Magic Lecture video
  • Victorian Coins To Glass (DVD) Kainoa Harbottle
  • The Fingertip Muscle Pass (video) - Kainoa Harbottle
  • Palms of Steel (DVD) - Curtis Kam
  • Street Magic - Paul Zenon
  • The Magic of Michael Ammar (book)
  • The Complete Cups And Balls (book) Michael Ammar
  • Roadrunner Cull - Kostya (video)
  • Rim Shots - Harry Lorayne
  • The Magic Book - Harry Lorayne
  • The Classic Collection - Harry Lorayne
  • Afterthoughts - Harry Lorayne
  • JawDroppers - Harry Lorayne
  • Metal (1) - Eric Jones
  • Evanesce - Eric Jones
  • The New York Coin Magic Seminar (12 DVD Set)
  • Master Course Sponge Balls, Vol 1 - Daryl
  • Essentials in Magic Sponge Balls (video) - Daryl
  • On Coins - Al Schneider
  • The Theory and Practice of False Transfers - Al Schneider
  • Classic Force (Video) - Oz Pearlman
  • THE CLASSIC FORCE with Paul Green (video)
  • The Classic Force by Steven Youell
  • Stanley Collins Force - Steven Youell
  • Paul Gertner LIVE - Penguin Lecture
  • Michael Vincent Live - Penguin Lecture
  • Professor's Nightmare (video)
  • MINT, Vol 1 - Ed Marlo
  • Crimp Change (video) - Marion Boykin
  • Fly-ski (3-Fly) (video) - Marion Boykin
  • 10-Switch (video) - Marion Boykin
  • Tenkai PhD (video) - Marion Boykin
  • Tenkai Pennies (video) - PubTricks
  • The Working Professional's Chop Cup - Jim Sisti
  • Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes - Jerry Cestkowski
  • Dat Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic - Lewis Ganson
  • The Vernon Chronicles, Further Lost Inner Secrets - Stephen Minch
  • 30 Tips and Tricks with Sponge Balls (DVD) - Magic Makers
  • 30 Tips and Tricks with Cups and balls (DVD) - Magic Makers
  • Greatest Beginner Magic Video Ever - (Oz Pearlman)
  • Basics Of Expert Billiard Ball And Thimble Manipulation by Brad Burt (DVD)
  • The Three Card Monte As Entertainment (PDF - Lewis Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series)
  • Workers Number Five - Michael Close
  • Revelations - Dai Vernon (video)
  • Tricks With Every Day Objects (DVD) - Magic Makers
  • Self-Working Rope Magic: 70 Foolproof Tricks - Karl Fulves
  • Turbo Stick (DVD) - Leo Smetsers
  • Sleights of Mind (book) - Stephen L. Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde
  • Principles and Deceptions (ebook) - Arthur Buckley
  • Pasteboard Larceny (pdf) - Michael Vincent
  • Slippery Double Drop (video) - Rafael Benatar
  • Routines and Techniques (streaming video) - Rafael Benatar
  • None of The Above (pdf) - Scott F. Guinn
  • Expert At The Card Table - S.W. Erdnase
Now I just need to be dropped off on a desert island for a month or two[smile].



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Hi Ken,

Well, you seem to have enough to be getting on with.
I have a similar list but after years of reading and studying I find that I always come back to a few core resources namely:

Anything by Harry Lorayne

Royal Road To Card Magic

Card College

The Complete Al Leech

Card heavy I know, but I think that eventually you'll find that you will gravitate towards your own favourites.

I'm a bit of a collector and sometimes I'll buy a book just to have it. As an example, I recently purchased How To Do Tricks With Cards by Bill Turner (a 1963 edition of a 1949 book) that was well thought of by Henry Hay (The Amateur Magicians Handbook). Although a small beginners book, it's very well written by a professional writer and amateur magician and has some surprising gems in it.

I do have DVD's but I just love reading magic books, especially old ones.


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Nice library Ken! I think that you need more than a month or two. [smile] The NY Coin Magic Seminar alone would take approximately two lifetimes.
Tom G

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Agree with Vlad.  To really absorb what you have there will take a long time.

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Yeah, I've been adding to this list for 15 months. My comment about the month or two on the desert island was to imagine a place where I could do little else but read and watch day in and day out with no distractions. I don't have quite that much discipline here at home:-). But yeah, I agree totally that there are years worth of reading and watching here.

Aladdin - Yes, I'm with you about going back time-and-again to the same sources. I do that with Michael Ammar C&B stuff, Card College, Harry Lorayne's stuff, Kainoa Harbottle, David Roth, Bobo, Marion Boykin, and Paul Zenon for an off-the-top-of-my-head list. But the crazy thing is I still have a "must procure" list for more stuff! One reason seems to be that whenever I want to improve on a specific skill or learn a specific trick/routine, someone (or several someones) seem to recommend some great resource that is the best (sometimes "only) place to learn that thing. 

Oh well. There are worse vices:-). I can't drink anymore (body rebelled). So I guess I'm addicted to magic.


Rudy Tinoco

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Man, you have some great stuff on that list!! I'd personally do what you're doing and start with the good stuff found in Harry's books! 

Call me a Harry Lorayne fanboy. Sue me [smile]


Dave Berkompas

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I have a nice little library, mostly books, with maybe 3-4 DVD's.

I had a few VHS tapes, but have converted them to video and threw out the originals many years ago.

I don't buy the books to read very often, but mostly as reference when an effect I'm reading refers to the source.



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Though it is good to go through certain things in order if they are meant to build on previous instruction, I was advised months ago to take a detour after Card College 1 in order to get Harry Lorayne's Classic Collection. Then go back to Card College 2 and proceed from there. I did exactly that and man, was that great advice!

I was learning the foundations of card magic in Card College 1, and I finished it. But the tricks in there were not to my liking - just didn't grab me. But the very first Harry Lorayne trick I tried (Location Supreme) was awesome. So yeah, I'm becoming kind of a fan boy too[smile].

Dave Berkompas

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Sounds like the path I should take, thanks for paying it forward!


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You're welcome, Dave!

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