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Hey gang,

Lets get to it.

The trick is Max Maven's ( then Phil Goldstein ) Abacus. Apocalypse vol.1 ( The Blue book ). 

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.


- Before you even take the deck off the box, prime the participant by asking her to think of a number between 1-10 and reveal it. Don't reveal it verbally but rather write it down, ask her to name it and show her what you wrote. I use the famous psych force however if you're not comfortable with it feel free to use a swami.  

- She will react and typically will ask for a repeat. This is exactly what you want. Ask her to think of a number again, however, this time with a different range, from 10-20. You will also need a deck of cards to make it happen.

- Take the deck out.

- You want her to be suspicious of using the deck. You want her to request you to reveal the number propless. Its fine if she didn't. Either way, say "How about this, I'll write something down here before we start anything, put it in your pocket". 

- Ask her to deal down cards, the same amount of her thought of number. 

- Look back, look at her eyes and say "I know your number already." The idea is to make her suspect that you know her number by listening to her dealing. You want her in that position. Even if she didn't mention it, say "By the way, What do you think I wrote down before this whole thing started?". ( You will use this line for your flashback later ).

-  " You are probably wondering why I need the deck. See, getting your number is only 1 out of 10. It could be luck, but using a deck of cards with almost infinite possible variations in their order changes that." As you do the needed moves, give a spiel how an order of a deck of cards is of almost infinite possibilities. The lines go nicely with your adjustments. Blind shuffle the pack.

- Cut the pack as needed. "Which card do you want to see? This one? Select one more, and another .. And another". Make it seem as if the intention is to show how different the possibilities are. DONT PRESENT IT AS A SELECTION PROCESS, just purely taking cards out at random. Dani DaOrtiz style, "would you like this one? .. this one, OH, another four! Wierd!" .. etc

- Tell her, "By the way, I know your number already .. its ***. Yeah people think I need to listen carefully. I can, but not today. Instead, I just used basic math." Show your climax. If you set her up well, she will be quit surprised.

- Ask her: "By the way, What do you think I wrote down before this whole thing started?. This is your flashback, intended to build suspense about the prediction. Ignore her answer.

- Explain that sometimes your mind is dull, and rather get things done quickly. Perform the climax accordingly.

- Explain the different possibilities. "We can switch them. We can subtract them. Multiply them, or divide them .. Maybe add them? Sounds like a good idea?". Try to induce her to say yes. You will use linguistic trickery in a minute. 

- Then say: "By the way, What do you think I wrote down before this whole thing started? I bet you're really wondering! .. Take it out" She'll have a WTF face, exactly what you need.  Happens when suspense breaks with a surprise.

- "So switch them, subtracting them .. divide them .. but did you say, ADD them?" Show the climax. 

- "So, this all started because you thought of a number. It was 1\10. But now, the odds of all of this happening are pretty insane. First this, then that, THEN that, but then ... the Other Kings!" She will have no idea what you take about, "I meant, THESE", show the end. 


As you can see, the presentation hinges on making the spectator go down the garden path. There's a reason for the cards to be used. It's a great way to practice audience manipulation, by making them go exactly where you want them to go. It's an advanced skill that few books talk about, I think this trick is a great way to learn it. 

Took me awhile to write down. I'm still pondering better ways to present the final revelations. Suggestions, as well as feedback, are more than welcome. 

Hope you enjoy.

- Feras

P.S English isn't my first language, so cut me some slack. [angel]

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