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When EvilDan mentioned his book a week or so ago based on his work with the Chop Cup I was instantly curious.
I've read the posts here and figured I would give a quick review as I have purchased SLAM and feel I can provide an unbiased opinion. 

Dan makes it clear that this is a short and easy read of a is. He also mentions that he has no problem with people who may have differing thoughts. There has been a review in this vein and has already been discussed in another thread.

The real importance of this book is that it is based on real world performances. Not just a weekend gig once every several months, but from a performer who works a lot of gigs. The tips he shares may seem trivial to those who practice an effect for the joy of simply learning and mastering the mechanics and then sharing with the fellers at the local club. However, if the Chop Cup is an effect that one actually performs in public, Dan's tips are excellent food for thought. 

The fact that the book mixes his performing experiences along with his suggestions regarding techniques and prop considerations in an easy to read and right to the point format made it easier to absorb. As a reader of magic books I can get sidetracked by lengthy descriptions and long winded philosophies. 

The book concludes with Dan's routine. I already have a routine based on the classic Don Alan performance and was more interested in his prop management than the actual routine (which reads as a very entertaining, easy to follow and magical presentation). I appreciate that Dan has shared this. I believe there is a much deeper connection to a routine that a magician actually performs. It becomes part of his/her physical existence. It was truly an unselfish act for him to share this and a testament to his desire to help us become better magicians.


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