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Unfinished Sentenc

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I use both Mnemonica and AS (Aronson Stack) but I use Mnemonica more often since it's much easier to arrange the deck to Mnemonica. It's also also easy to get to stay stack order and NDO (new deck order) from Mnemonica which opens up lots of possibilities. 

Nonetheless, I like AS as well because many of its built-in effects are excellent. What I don't like about the AS though is that I can't get to it from NDO. Thus, I have to do a deck switch if I want to perform AS specific effects...

Now, I just saw that Eric Richardson has found a method for attaining AS from NDO which is so cool.

However, some reviews for this stated the effect that accomplish this is weak and boring to the spectators. I understand that good presentation can solve it but I want to know (from those of you who know about this) how long it would take to get to the AS from NDO using Richardson's method. If it's too long or complicated, I'll just settle with NDO to Mnemonica.

Steven Youell

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I humbly submit The Hacker Stack.

From NDO to a fully memorized stack in 30 seconds. Stack is also a quad stack which has some major advantages. I hesitate to discuss in public because it will be in a book I'm almost done writing. You can, however find it with a very detailed Google search.

Or you could just PM me. [biggrin]

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