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John Carey

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Greetings Guys!

I am delighted to inform you that stock of my new dvd, No Cards? No Problem has arrived! Loaded with easy to do strong mysteries and not a playing card in sight!

Here’s the content:

1. Equivocally Yours. A streamlined coin prediction using a time honored concept in a very direct way.

2. I have your change! A beautiful pocket change prediction that seems so fair and is so easy to do too!

3. Chance, Fate and Destiny. John likes to think of this mystery as the trick that cannot be explained- but with coins! A great effect that’s never the same, taught in great detail.

4. All Change! Another change prediction using a classical concept. Seems so fair and the payoff is super strong!

5. Rubber Band Bonanza! Five great rubber band effects routined into a great set. Including some fantastic effects taught with permission by the great Joe Reindfleisch!

6. Influential. Carey’s super sneaky effect with a bank note/ bill is so nice. It’s all in the words!

7. My Friends a Mentalist! A delightful close up mind reading effect where your friend takes over and zaps their minds. Fun!!!

8. One Thought and one Chance. A fantastic mental mystery using business cards. It just looks so fair! Here’s a performance:

9. The One that got away. A charming interlude effect combining a devious riddle and the complete vanish of a coin inside a spectator’s hand.

10. PIN! A great and very easy to do
PIN divination you will love using.

11. Three Phase Ring on Pencil. A classic effect where a ring melts on and off a pencil held by a spectator. Using ideas by Vernon and Leipzig, you will want to use this! Here’s an uncut performance:

The dvd is £20 pounds with free worldwide regular shipping! To order your copy I take Paypal at:

But that’s not all! When you order from me I will send you a copy of one of my Virtual World Lecture tour events as a download with my compliments. This contains 7 unpublished effects and so much more!

Thanks as always for your valuable time and enjoy your day.


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