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Wayne T

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The UK Daily Mail ran this overview of a new book by Matt Parker on famous maths errors.

My UK friends will no doubt notice my odd choice of UK papers but I must admit my secret shame that I still enjoy reading naughty vicar/school teacher, police fit ups, and good old duffing type stories. LOL!

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Robin Dawes

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I look forward to reading this book - it will be really useful in my teaching!

Here are some more books about the hazards of bad math:

Innumeracy    - by Paulos

A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper    - also by Paulos

200% of Nothing    - by Dewdney

Yes, We Have No Neutrons    - also by Dewdney

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Thanks, wonderful book review. John Allen Paulos' books are tremendously insightful, I love Innumeracy, a must read. When I was a psychology undergraduate, I loved How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff. And we must always remember the fantastic Martin Gardner, with his math columns, magic, and insights on parapsychology. 
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Bill Guinee

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It is not really a book on math errors, but on the topic of the dangers of not knowing math, I love the classic "How to Lie with Statistics."
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