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Inner Circle
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Some time ago I won a bid for 30 cut down thumb tips for next to nothing on ebay...

I don't remember all the stuff I made with them, I know I made a couple swami writers with them and put a couple magnets in others....

But the best gag I came up is this little get up.   LOL

20190217_030123_resized.jpg  20190217_030135_resized.jpg  20190217_030153_resized.jpg 
 I have it hidden in front of my (black) wallet and then reach in like I am going for a bill. Then I slip my thumb into it and release the catch on the bang device on the back to snap it. You don't have to put a cap in it - but I often do - and the audience thinks you snapped your hand in the dang thing! 

(The pics don't do it justice at all! - I have it on the wrong hand to work the camera)

I wave my hand and dance around a bit...  Then show it to them and say you forgot about your "security device"

The looks you get is funnier then hell. 

What do you guys think? Winner or Wiener?  Should I try to market these?  lol

Note: I super glued all the moving pieces so the feke doesn't talk, and did the back in black to hide it against a black wallet. I ordered a couple of bang devices thinking they'd send me two... Happily I got two dozen! So I ordered two more for four bucks. You can't hardly get them anymore, so that was a serious steal!

I'd love to hear any ideas for thumb tips or bang devices you may have!



Inner Circle
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In a comedy routine, it would play great.  No matter how far we come, slapstick humor will always be good.

As to my favorite use of a vernet, that would have to be pushing a phone into a water bottle.
Rudy Tinoco

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I would love to see a video of this in action!!
Creative thinking!


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