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Jason Ladanye

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New blog is up! Find out more about the perfect time to do anything.


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I was just talking to someone about this and more.

As a Libra I'm always procrastinating because it's just not right. In my mind I know that "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow" because there is no perfect plan and tomorrow is always one day away; it never turns into today. I really have to fight myself to push myself forward.

The other thing we talked about is being in or current comfort zone, or bring afraid of success because you don't know how you'll deal with it. People always equate success with money but it's much more than that. So you become more in demand. Now what? You were used to the occasional show every few months. Now you have five gigs for the next two weeks. One person wants you for three hours of walk-around. The most you've done is two. How do you adjust? What about your day job? Where do you get more performing material. How do you adjust for taxes at the end of the year? Should I start saving receipts? Do I need to get a passport now?

Yeah, like that.

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Hey Jason.

What a great read. This is very great advice! Thanks for this.

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