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im going to have a magic test in 15.9. if I pass it I will be in the magicians institution I want to be in("The Magician's Association"). I have to do an act which lasts 8-12 minutes. I would like to get more ideas from you how to add things to my act because its not long enough yet. and also if you can see something I can improve ill be happy to hear. be aware- im a close up magician for almost two years now and this act is already tough for me.
this is the screenplay of my act until now: 
Ok so it’s the first time I perform here so you don’t know me. If you knew me you would know im not a regular magician. I like it when my performance is not about me but about the audience. Im going to do magic that’s connected to you. What are your names?(they tell me their names).(after one of them says his name I say-) wow wait its crazy. Please just keep it(give him a pocketbook and show him that there is a paper inside it). Anyway now im going to show you a trick that a regular magician would do to you.(at this point I look for a hanky in both pockets and secretly take out a fake thumb in addition to the hanky. Than I take a pencil out of the pocket and in the same time put there the fake thumb and say-) a regular magician would take a magic wand and tap it at the back of the hand to vanish it(showing the hanky is gone and say-). Oh this is actually a magic wand I just transformed it into a pencil the last time. Ugh who am I even fooling. Its not a magic wand its just a pencil. In fact I really want a magic wand but my parents don’t give me money to buy one. They say I vanish the money every time instead of using it. Actually that’s the truth. And don’t get me wrong I don’t live with a poor family. The funny thing is that they buy me whatever I want. Except for a magic wand for some reason.  However they do give me some coins now and then because their value is small. And im good with coins(now ill do a little coin routine and than say)- the fact that I don’t have a magic wand doesn’t stop me from being a magician you know. Because magic attracts me, because its more than manipulation to me. To me magic is about communication, magic as an art. Building a magic is like drawing a picture. And everyone of us has hobby, something he is passionate about right? What are your hobbies?(they say their hobbies and I remember the hobby of the person who I gave the pocketbook to and then say-). Dont your hobbies inspire you and make you feel good? Hobby is a good thing. Unfortunatly my parents don’t understand it. You know once I had an idea to produce so many coins with magic until ill have enough to buy a magic wand. But I don’t think It would work because until ill produce enough coins earth will rotate 20 times  around his legate(don’t worry in my language this joke sound very good). Wait a second I have an idea, ill ask my parents to buy me coins. That actually might work you know. Ill try.
                                          (here I have to add some more thing because I have to perform 8-12 minutes)
[than I do a card trick and pretend to write a prediction(actually I already forced a card so I cant call it a prediction but who cares) of the card they gonna choose when I actually write on a paper(I actually fill the rooms I left between some words that I wrote on the paper before the act) the bookpocket person's name, what he wear and his hobby. Than I switch this gimmicked paper to another paper I wrote before the trick and the forced card is written on it and let them see.] (look at the clock and say-) ok I see we have no more time. Im sorry that I didn’t do even one magic which is connected to you like I said I will do. But you know what, I have actually one more thing left to say. Can you bring me the pocketbook?(take it and say) today, first thing in the morning I wrote a prediction. Than I pretend to take the paper out of the pocketbook but make it look like a took out the gimmicked paper with the person's details and show him what is written: today im going to meet a man wear this and his name is this and he is going to accept me to the magician's association

I would like to get more ideas from you how to add things to my act because its not long enough yet. and also if you can see something I can improve ill be happy to hear.

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Slow down. Pace yourself. If you have a cellphone run through the routine recording the sound. Play it back. Does it sound like you’re talking too fast?

Don’t forget to breath when talking. Sometimes you need to stop and in your head count to one or two to let what you just said sink in.

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Why didn't you mention the pencil in the other thread ? Putting the pencil away after the hanky trick, would give you an opportunity to steal one or more coins for the production.

Anyway - have you actually done a rehearsal of this act ? If so, what is the time on it ?

If you go for eight minutes, for three tricks, that only gives you just over two and a half minutes per trick, and that includes patter and any other bits. Are you sure you need more material ?

If you do want to add something else, go for something you already perform - something you can do well and gets good reactions.
Personally, I'd abandon the coin appearances for this particular performance. With this having to be performed in less than two weeks, that's not going to give you much time to learn a new piece from scratch.

If this is some kind of audition for a magic organisation/club, then just use those pieces you do already, ones you can do easily, well, and are comfortable with.



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Do you have any video of this performance sequence?  It will help us to see if there are moments where something could be added.  Otherwise, you can easily see how long your routine is just by the recording.  Of course as mentioned, slow down.  Way to often people rush through routines because of nerves.  Especially for something like an audition.  You don't want to add too many new things because that will add to the pressure.  Trying to remember new stuff can make you more nervous and rush even more, or worse yet, forget "what comes next".

Be yourself.


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Whatever you do, don't try to add a new routine. You don't have too much time. As you were already told, do something you already perform. 
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One way of performing is to tell a story, with your magic. All good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Ask yourself, what is it I want to say and then work the magic around story with the punchlines (supersizes in the effects) be pivotal enhancements in the story. In other words, the bricks you hit the spectators with.

Break a leg at your audition, I hope you get in 😉

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." ( A lesson from childhood often missed or ignored.) Your opinion, may be met with one of equal disdain?
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