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A link to this video magically appeared in my inbox this morning.  I watched the video and read the verbiage and can see that this has great potential for close up performers, especially for restaurant and bar workers.

One comment though.  While the "visible" change is cool, proverbial "eye candy", I would never do it that way for laypeople.  I much prefer the casual way he does it in the performance.  I'm thinking they included the bit where the card changes color just to highlight how fast and "seamless" the change is. 

He uses a blue backed card in the actual performance and the change is invisible because the card remains blue.  It looks as though nothing happens which is what you want, in my opinion.

Again, the change shown at the end, where the card changes to a bill looks magical enough but to me it puts the heat on the money on the table.  Folks are going to look closely at the bills which is something you don't want.  They also might try to grab them.  Some spectators cannot help themselves.  Others can be rude and don't like being fooled.

I would resist the temptation even though it is a startling change.

Dollar bills are so ordinary as to defy suspicion.  Why lead the audience right to the method by creating doubt.

As always, YMMV.
Tom G

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Can't get more organic than Sankey's Paperclipped.  No weird swoop with dollar bills on the table.  I have to admit I delete these new trick emails without reading them or have unsubscribed to most.  Sankey's costs 2 cents compared to $30.
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