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I met Reed in 2004 after moving to Portland OR. from the East Coast. It took a few months and contacts with magicians who had known him for several years before I actually had the chance to see him perform some of his signature routines at a private gathering. The things he did with cards and coins that night were beyond description. I will never forget it.

Since then Reed has quietly gone underground and sadly I haven't seen him for many years. When I recently went through a stack of old magic magazines, I found the issue of Genii that featured Reed on the cover along with a well written article on Reed, his magic, and his life.

If you happen to have the February,2007 issue of Genii, check out the effect Reed contributed entitled,
"Pena Envy". It is a bill to jalapeno routine which shows the ingenious thought processes that Reed puts into developing an effect. I plan on using this in an upcoming performance.

I remember that Reed was a little leery of spending too much time with other magicians, but it would be a pleasant surprise to see him re-surface and share some of his wisdom with the rest of us...
Rudy Tinoco

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I have a Genii subscription that gives me access to back issues. I'll be sure to check this out.

JalapeƱos and Mexicans (like me) go well together. Could have a lot of fun with that!


Mike Powers

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I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Reed at 4F some time ago. He is definitely the real deal. Fantastic talent. He was voted MVP one year but then failed to return after a couple of visits to the convention. I hope he's doing well. I think he gets uptight performing for other magicians. He had this problem at 4F. I'll bet he totally kicks ass when he performs for laypeople.


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I'm friends with Reed, who recently celebrated his birthday (April 27th) a few weeks ago. Reed is still performing at a place called DANTE'S in Oregon. Reed has been very busy with taking various college courses, getting married, becoming a private investigator, along with work and family stuff. Reed is one of my all-time favorite magicians, his magic is incredible and thinking even more so. Like Mike said.... "He is definitely the real deal!"
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