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What's shaking guys Luke Dancy here!

Okay, I'm not really Luke Dancy, but that line is just. so. catchy.

Anywho, here's the version of Reswindled I have been doing recently. I apologize in advance for the less than stellar quality, but I do hope you all enjoy. As far as crediting goes, obviously Caleb Wiles and the man, the myth, the Pauly Sho- Harris. Jack Carpenter has something called the South Street Swindle which, is really a beautiful trick. For me, though, it has one too many Elmsley counts, something I strive to use like a good seasoning rather than it be the whole dish. As well, I wanted to involve the audience a bit more, as this is a very ME ME ME sort of trick, so having them hold out a card and then do the final climax kind of makes up for all the time they had to spend watching me do Stuart Gordons. 

Thoughts, ideas, and just general comments are more than welcome. 


Inner Circle
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Very cool. A lot of magic in that routine. Great job.
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