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REVIEW: 4 for 4 by Shin Lim – The Vault Series

RATING: 7 out of 10



Another good one for The Vault series:  4 by 4 as Shin Lim calls it and 4 for 4 as Murphy’s calls it.  This 7 minute magic video teaches you how to turn four fanned Aces into four fanned kings (or any 4 for 4, for that matter).

The video starts out with a live performance by Shin to a sole spectator.  The remainder of the video is an excellent quality instructional video taught by Shin Lim.  The camera work and angles are excellent.

Lim cautions that the move needed to perform this trick is difficult and will require practice.  It is a move and trick he invented when he was 19.  The time needed to get this down is worth it because this can be performed anywhere and anytime there is a deck with the needed cards.  There are no gaffs and no gimmicks needed.

This download costs $10.

This is a cool little quickie!

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