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My review:

From the creative mind of Reese Goodley comes his debut effect Navigator. 

With Foreword and contribution from Peter Turner. 

Have you ever wanted to be able to divine the exact Country someone is merely thinking of, entirely prop-less - with complete ease? 

Now you can. 

With very little process and without anything ever needing to be written down, you will be able to quickly and effortlessly divine a thought of Country - using nothing but your words and the mind of your spectator to make it work! 

This all takes place within a theatrical frame that not only makes logical sense to those who witness your performance but that also creates an effect that will leave your audience completely dumbfounded! 

It's simple, elegant and the work is over in a moment - yet, the amazement will last a life time! 



Paul Hallas

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Just yes or no, is this based on progressive anagrams like Max Maven's "Contimental" from his book "Thavant"? In that, someone thought of a country in Europe?
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