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REVIEW:  AMAZINK by Sebastien Calbry

RATING: 7.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Amazink is a Sebastien Calbry trick that is similar in effect to his predecessor trick Offset.  With your $34.95 purchase of Amazink you get a clear badge holder with a neck lanyard, a special card and two gimmicks.  You also get a link to a downloadable or streaming instructional video that is taught by Calbry in French, but has English sub-titles.


Basically with Amazink you have a red Bicycle card in the badge holder with the back facing your spectator as the lanyard hangs around your neck.  The spectator picks a card and with a flick of the badge holder, the name of the card appears in ink on the back of the card.  This is just one of many ways to present the effect.  You can draw on the badge holder and have the image change or have the name of a card showing which disappears and is magically replaced with a number that corresponds to the position of the named card in the deck.


The trick is easy to operate and there are no angles to be concerned about, but the badge holder and card inside can never be inspected.  The reset takes a split second and it can be surreptitiously done in front of your spectators, but the trick cannot be repeated, unless you don’t mind getting the same result.  With the second gimmick, you can have a different appearing revelation, but you will need about 10 seconds of privacy to get that set-up.


The video is about 26 minutes and is easy to follow, despite the instruction being in French, because the subtitles are clear.  There are moments however when you cannot read the white subtitles because they are obscured by the color of a white object.


If you were to ask me, I would take Offset over Amazink any day, but even though they are really the same trick, they are totally different.  Amazink does not feel like a card trick.  This may not fool magicians, but lay people will really enjoy what they see.


For a cool and unconventional trick with an off-beat gimmick, Amazink will fit the bill.



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