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As with most magic being sold online now, the advertisement for the trick was very flashy and I quickly gave into the purchase.  I'm happy to report that the actual trick is just as good as the video implied.

The Effect:

The spectator freely selects and signs a card.  The card is blown dry and then buried in the deck.  Without shuffling, the deck is placed in the box and the box is placed in the magicians pocket.  The magicians hand can then be shown empty and then instantly reach into the pocket and pull out the signed card.  The magician takes the magic to the next level by repeating the trick but this time he places the card in the center of the deck and then wraps rubber bands around the box to make sure there is no way for the card to get out.  The box is then placed back in the magicians pocket, both hands are once again shown empty and the magician then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the signed card.  The box is then removed from the pocket and shown that the rubber bands are still in place.


There is minimal skill required from the magician to pull off this illusion.  The impact vs. amount of practice time required is well worth it.  Normally I practice a new trick for weeks but I honestly felt comfortable showing this one off the same day that I learned the secret.  There is no difficult slight of hand, no palming, no gaffs, no trap doors, no smoke or mirrors.

Final Thoughts:

I bought the trick thinking that I would use this as a finale for a set that I was working on but found that it is good enough to be a stand alone set that would work for walk around, parlor or could even be adapted to stage.
Anthony Vinson

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Thanks for the review. I'm glad to hear you were pleased with your purchase and that the trick works for you. I saw it on the PM site and thought that, while it looked interesting, that it just didn't ring my bell. It may well have been the flashy advert you mentioned that made me think so. I'll go have another look-see.

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