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REVIEW:  CD Magic Vol. 1 by Jordan Gomez

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars



CD Magic 1 is a DVD that teaches you how to manipulate CD’s for a stage show. It is stage manipulation act which instead of using playing cards, you learn how to do a similar act with compact discs or DVD’s. It is a very rare performance art and if you are a performer that wants to manipulate CD’s and make them appear, disappear and multiply, this is a good place to start.

The creator, Jordan Gomez, speaks only French on the DVD. When he speaks, which is infrequently, there are English subtitles. Most of the DVD is set to music and shows Gomez either demonstrating his moves or explaining how to do them by showing exposed views of the moves.

The production is good and it is easy to follow along with, but he moves rather quickly. In that regard, and because there is virtually no spoken instruction, it is hard to keep up with Gomez. He does teach a substantial number of moves on the DVD which he packs into a 20 minute DVD by moving very quickly.

Gomez starts off at the beginning with several basic palms and palming techniques. He teaches how to store, ditch and produce numerous CD’s. He also teaches how to make some gimmicks for the performance.

The ad copy is basically a listing of the moves that are taught; which follows hereafter:

- Middle Palming
- Middle Transfer
- Double Palming
- Double Transfer
- Pinky Palming
- Body Palming
- Cross Palming
- Back Palming

- Bottom / Flap Production
- Top / Pinch Production
- Double / Triple Production
- Double Teleportation
- Flip Vanish / Teleportation
- Line Production 1 & 2
- Line Vanish / Reproduction
- Back Vanish / Production
- Wake-up Move
- Crossed Production / Vanish
- CD Boomerang
- Five CD Production
- Blink Multiple Production

- Open Fingers Vanish 1 & 2
- Back Topit
- CD Holders

At the very end of the DVD, Gomez performs his high-energy routine, which is really incredible. He then teaches it by exposing all his moves. The moves are very angle sensitive and you will need to be on a stage in front of spectators to perform this act. No practice CD’s are included with the purchase.

This is not for everyone. In fact, I think it is for a very small segment of performers. If you want to perform with CD’s (instead of cards) this DVD is for you.

Mind Phantom

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Now that sounds kind of interesting & fun...
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