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REVIEW: Changeling ODO by Marc Lavelle and Titanas Magic

RATING: 6 out of 10



Changeling ODO is a gimmicked bill switch in which you can change a bill three times and then hand out the final bill.  This Titanas Magic product by Marc Lavelle costs $34.95 and will require a significant amount of arts and crafts time.


With your purchase you will get a folding card that contains a tiny envelope that holds some specially sourced materials (likely difficult to find in these exact specifications).  You also get a link to three videos that is password protected.  The first video is the Changeling ODO video which is an hour and fifteen minutes long (painfully long and difficult to watch), you get the original Changeling video that has various routines (this video is an hour and thirty five minutes) and you get a five minute routine using the ODO gimmick. 


As referenced above, the ODO video is extremely slow.  Lavelle, takes you through the construction process with UK bills only.  Well, UK bills are different sizes and I am American.  I use United States currency and found it a bit difficult to follow.  The construction process for me was very frustrating and I watched the video twice.  But, if the trick was sold with a ready-made gimmick, it would have cost double the price.  For each of the bills that you display, which are part of the gimmick, you will destroy that bill.  So, to be super clear, if you change a $1 into a $5 into a $10, you just killed…$16 dollars!  The alternative if you start with a blank piece of paper and draw a $1 bill on it so it is obviously fake.  You then turn that into a real $1 bill and then turn that into a fake $100 which you can create on a blank piece of paper.  I kind of like that better because it has a comedic twist to it.  The video does not have any live performances on it and I thought that was a significant negative issue.  I also found that the gimmick talks a bit took much so you should not perform this in a very quiet space.  This is a great piece for restaurants.  I also was a bit perplexed on how all the pieces fit together once construction was done!  The original Changeling video contains some great ideas for routines, but because I had to watch the first video more than once (did I mention that it was long) I was somewhat impatient to watch Lavelle’s routines video.


It should be noted that you can create the ODO gimmick with paper or plastic currency as per Lavelle.  The gimmick cannot be handed out, but with a bit of a ditch and misdirection, you can hand out a bill at the end.


OK, now that I got that out of the way, if you get past the construction and the videos, you end up with a pretty cool gimmick.  And although this may take you a few attempts, once it is right, it is awesome. 


With the Changeling ODO gimmick you can change one bill into a second and then into a third and hand it out.  It is killer visual.  I have much respect for Lavelle for coming up with this super-clever gimmick.



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