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REVIEW: Conscious Magic Episode 2 by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink
RATING: 8 out of 10
FULL REVIEW: Conscious Magic Episode 2 is the second in a series of DVD’s (or downloads) created by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink in which the creators perform and teach their own tricks. These tricks are devised for causal environments such as at the bar, at a party, hanging out with friends or at the dinner table. The DVD’s delve deep into the creator’s thinking, their motivation and thought process behind the presentation and effect.

The first effect is Ran Pink’s, Get Lucky. It is a lottery prediction effect using regular lottery tickets and a Sharpie. Basically the performer gives the spectator a Sharpie and shows a stack of blank lottery tickets that need to be filled out. The spectator randomly marks up one of the blank lottery tickets without looking at the specific numbers. The performer then hands them a lottery ticket with markings on it. The performer is able to predict the numbers that are ticked off without seeing the ticket. That in of itself is impressive, but then the performer pulls out a lottery ticket receipt from the store which shows that the numbers match. Very strong! I like this effect, but the only question I have is why does the performer need to have a stack of blank lottery tickets in their hand. This may just be a question that magicians ask since your spectators will doubtfully ask the same. Pink performs the trick a few times to strangers on a boardwalk and the reactions are of true astonishment. Pink and Gerard then teach the effect and a necessary move for the novice purchasers. The instructional track on this effect seemed to be a bit long and too conversational for me, but there are no details left out. The demonstration and teaching of this trick is almost 30 minutes long.

The second trick, Becoming, is a trick in which the spectator imagines that they are a signed playing card that is placed in the middle of the deck. Gerard analogizes that the spectator is a person that can get lost in the city (the deck of cards). The spectator pushes the card into the deck and amazingly the signed card that 100% went into the middle of the deck is on the top of the deck. This trick requires some sleight of hand that will require some practice to get it down smoothly. Gerard performs the trick twice so you can see the presentation and the effect that it has on the spectator.

The third trick, Radio, is a strong mentalism effect by Ran Pink. In Radio, Pink sends a musical note (A, B, C, D, E, F or G) to the spectator and they are able to name the note that is written down on a small piece of paper. Then, the performer is able to divine the name of a song that the spectator wrote down on a piece of paper. The idea behind this trick is not new, but the presentation is Pink’s and it is something that will appeal to most, if not all people.

The final trick, Fifty 50, is Andrew Gerard’s prediction effect that is so simple, but creative and fun to perform. The effect can be performed so long as you have something to write on. Gerard makes the routine more intriguing by placing a $100 bill on the table as a wager. Trust me, this will get any spectator’s attention. When I saw the explanation, I laughed. I really like this very simple effect.

The DVD is an hour and twenty minutes long and is put together nicely. When comparing this DVD to Episode 1, I have to say I like the debut project better. And, like the first DVD, I still think that the $35 price tag is just a few bucks too much compared to other marketed products.

This second DVD in the series presents a great mixture of 4 strong and different effects. I eagerly await CM3.

This DVD can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic dealer!    Conscious-Magic2.jpgConscious Magic 2 Pic.png   STMR All Numbers and Text-008.jpg 

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