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REVIEW: Decisions by Mozique and Alakazam Magic
RATING: 7 out of 10
Decisions by Mozique and Alakazam Magic is an interesting trick with a cool gimmick. Imagine being able to predict the answer to any Yes-or-No question that a spectator answers. Well, with Decisions you can do it and be 100% right 100% of the time.

With your $39 purchase you get an 11 minute DVD, a 44 page PDF and the needed cards. When you register your purchase on the Alakazam website, you also get a seven sand a half minute video presentation by Janie Daws. The DVD production quality is poor and does not give enough. It is lacking in presentation and routines. As mentioned above, the Alakazam website has a routine by Jamie Daws that is excellent, but will require you to create a gimmick. It is a Russian roulette routine that is quite compelling. The above-mentioned PDF has routines by Looch, Mark Elsdon, and Peter Nardi and it presents good ideas for use with the Decisions gimmick.

The gimmick is great! It is easy to use and with these “Yes-or-No” cards in your hands it is easy to come up with your own ideas. Not everything can be handed out all of the time, but much of the time you can hand out the Decisions card. The gimmick will pass casual eyeball inspection, but you cannot hand it out.

The Decisions cards are great for any mentalist, hobbyist or magician. Imagine being able to know what a spectator is thinking before they even know. Now you can.

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