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Inner Circle
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REVIEW: Essentials in Magic: The Mental Photography Deck by Daryl

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars!

LINK TO REVIEW: and also see Straight Talk Magic Reviews @

FULL REVIEW: This lecture is so fantastic that if you don’t own a Mental Photography Deck, you should buy one, just so you can utilize this 40 minute DVD. If you already own one, you should buy this DVD immediately. For less than $10 you get a clear and interesting lecture from world class magician, Daryl. This lecture is easy to understand and the techniques taught are easy to implement.

The gimmicked Mental Photography Deck allows the performer to show a completely blank deck of cards, front and back and turn it into a full deck of cards with fronts and back, or just backs with blank fronts. The performer can make any particular card materialize among a completely blank deck, either with or without a back. The basic patter for the Mental Photography Deck routine basically explains that there is a blank deck of cards and whatever card the magician thinks of is instantly printed on the cards. If the magician wants, he can make all the backs appear on blank fronts, and instantly vanish. Then a second later, he can make an entire deck appear with both fronts and back.If you have never seen this trick performed, the effect is really amazing. If you have been performing with this deck, there will absolutely be something you can take from this lecture.

Daryl explains the historical background of this gimmicked deck, explains how it is set up, how it works and demonstrates a performance. Daryl teaches various methods, routines and tips, some of which can be used with a regular deck, including the Charlier Shuffle.

Daryl explains a routine by Don Lawton, which references the Bible and the creation of the Earth, using a King as the first man on earth and then the Queen as the first woman on earth, each of which appear as the magician calls for it. Then, when the earth populates, the entire deck appears out of a blank deck. Daryl goes through a few other routines and techniques, including a routine called Where did the Ink go”, a deck switch by Michael Skinner, the Erdnase change, the Gambler’s Cop and even Daryl’s personal favorite routine, which is unpublished.

At under $10, this lecture, from a great magician and teacher, is a steal.

Inner Circle
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I agree. I have performed Mental Photography for 40 years, and I think Daryl's DVD was well worth the price. I also like Bill Malone's handling from one of his non-Marlo DVDs.
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