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REVIEW: Forging Ahead by Jason Ladanye and Murphy’s Magic – The Vault Series

RATING: 9.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Jason Ladanye and Murphy’s Magic present forging Ahead, a fantastic easy to do miracle in your pocket with a card transposition on super-steroids and a spectator’s signature jumping from one card to another.  This trick is part of Murphy’s “The Vault” series in which Bro Gilbert selects individual tricks for sale – and this one is a killer!


With Forging Ahead, the performer has a small stack of cards bound with a rubber band.  The spectator and the performer each sign the card and then the spectator puts her hand on top of the card that she saw was her signed card.  In an instant, the card that was signed jumps into the performers hand, but without the signature and the performer’s card ends up under the spectator’s hand with the signatures!  It is truly impossible.


With your $9.95 purchase, you get a 16 minute download that is taught by sleight of hand expert Jason Ladanye.  Although he is an expert, you do not need very strong skills to pull this one off.  Perhaps a simple double turnover and some other basic moves.  The video starts off with Ladanye performing to a table of people.  This performance is excellent and it shows you that the trick is excellent in restaurant situations.  After the performance, Ladanye teaches the trick as he is seated behind a table.  The video production and camera work is good and the audio is excellent. 


The trick is very easy to learn and simple to perform, although it is not a self-worker.  There are some angles which means that you shouldn’t have people looking over your shoulder.  You will destroy 2 cards with every performance and you need to have previously set up a small packet of cards.


I can and do get strongly behind this trick and cannot wait to go out there and knock the socks off any lay audience.


This killer card trick can be downloaded from your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer! and

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Forging Ahead is also taught in his book "Confident Deceptions."
Mike Powers

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It's on his lecture for The Magician's Forum! Also on the Murphy's lecture.

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