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REVIEW:       Gecko Pro System by Jim Rosenbaum

RATING:        9 out of 10



Why is this pull different from all other pulls?  Well, the Gecko Pro System (GPS) contains the original Gecko with the Gecko Extreme brought to you by Jim Rosenbaum and Murphy’s Magic.  It is a great tool that allows you to very easily vanish small items from your hands and also to transform small items.


With your $66 dollar purchase of the GPS you get everything you need to start working the GPS and a link to downloadable 56 minute instructional video.  The video tutorial is taught by Andy Amyx and he does a solid job at explaining the intricacies of the GPS and how to use it, except for the claim in the ad copy that you can perform in short sleeves.  Unless I missed it, you are not taught how to vanish things wearing just short sleeves and the way to do it would not be worthwhile in my opinion.  On the video you learn how to vanish coins, dollar bills, dice, bottle caps and other small items.  You are not taught how to vanish bigger items that are demonstrated on the promotional video such as water bottles and an entire deck of cards (in the card box) and I would stay away from that as risky and not worth the potential of getting called out.  Amyx also teaches you how to switch normal and gimmicked coins and how to bend coins and switch dice and bills and other small items.  You are able to switch (i.e. transform) dollar bills or sugar packets with the Gecko Extreme with great ease.


In order to use the GPS, you will need to be wearing a suit jacket hoodie or other type of jacket.  As you likely already know, the GPS is something that you wear.  It is very easy to install onto your clothing and take off.  It may take a few tries to position everything correctly, but don’t fret, it is easy stuff.


The GPS does not work by itself, you need to use something that only lasts 10-20 vanishes.  The good thing is that you get plenty of refills for the GPS.  The special stuff you need also may be rendered useless if you vanish something that is not suitable for it.  For example, on the first day I wore the GPS, I was at a party in which there were plenty of Hershey’s Kisses.  Using the Gecko Extreme, I asked someone to pass me a Kiss and waved my hand over it and all that was left was an empty tin and ribbon and no chocolate.  I had to use another refill to continue, but the effect was worth it.   If you overuse your refill stuff, then the items you are vanishing may drop to the floor so know when to refill.


The GPS will make noise in an extremely quite environment, but anywhere there is minimal talking will cover the noise.  As Aymx states, this is not a routine, it is a one-off effect.  He also says that it will take a lot of practice, but I disagree because I think it is easy to learn, install and use.  Beginners can be test driving the GPS within minutes of watching the video.


This is a super cool, super easy contraption that makes your powers wizardly.  Although a bit expensive for what you get, it is a great magical tool!



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